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Twas the DAY before Christmas…

24 Dec

Twas the Day before Christmas, when from the bed I awoke,

My Belly was tight and my water just broke.

The bags were then packed in the car with great care,

In hopes to the hospital we would soon be there.


Our oldest sat nestled all snug in his seat,

With visions of the brother he would soon meet;

And my husband in a hurry and I in pain,

While the clouds above us sagged with rain.


When to the hospital we arrived in a flash,

Tore open the door and made a mad dash.

The Nurses all donned their best holiday smiles

As they readied the room to stay for awhile.

When, after 4 hours what should appear,

But a 6 pound baby with eyes full of tears.


With ten little fingers holding on tight,

I knew in a moment he must be alright.

More rapid than eagles his cries then came,

And my husband and I decided a name.


His eyes- how they twinkled!  His dimples- how merry!

His cheeks were like roses, his head- quite hairy!

His sweet little eyes were as blue as can be,

And his skin was so soft as I pressed it to me.


The blanket wrapped tightly, all snug and secure,

He was safe and warm, of that we were sure.

He had a round face and sweet baby smell,

With our family now 4, all was now well.


We took him straight home, on Christmas Day,

And 3 years later this is what we say-

“Happy Birthday to you, sounds about right,

Happy Birthday to Tristan, and to all a good night!”

Jesus stole my Thunder!

22 Dec

There aren’t many things that can trump the birth of a baby.  A Natural Disaster, perhaps?  The birth of another baby?  Definitely; especially if that other baby happens to be JESUS.

My water broke on December 24th.  I wasn’t due until New Years Day but there we were “Mary and Joseph” off to deliver.  The birth was quick and easy as far as births go, and at 4:20pm on December 24th we had our “Christmas Miracle.”

Now, whether a birthday lands on December 24th, 25th or 26th doesn’t matter.  It is all still Christmas.   You might be thinking what a special time it must be to have a baby on Christmas.  Well, it wasn’t.  They were understaffed and grouchy, after all it was Christmas!  The photographer wasn’t there (did I mention it was Christmas) so I got to bring my newborn back to the hospital a week later to get his birth pictures taken.  Don’t even get me started on the Christmas Day circumcision.

We are coming up on our son’s 3rd birthday and we have yet to figure out a way to do it successfully.

Here’s why a Christmas Birthday Sucks:

1.      We can’t really celebrate his actual birthday since Christmas Eve is usually a day everyone spends with their family preparing for the big day.  You know, when Christ was born?

2.      Celebrating before or after the actual holiday seems too difficult to manage as people are busily preparing or cleaning up from “the most wonderful time of the year.”

3.      No one has extra money to spend on a birthday when Christmas is on the line.

4.      As he gets older, people will double dip one present as his Birthday and Christmas gift.

5.      People usually forget his birthday since it is their Christmas Eve.

6.      I run out of gifts to give him when some are for Christmas, some are from Santa and some are for his Birthday.  He gets too many toys at one time.

We did celebrate his 1/2 birthday one year in June.  He loved the party and we had the money but something about it just felt wrong.  Like we were pretending it was his birthday, probably because we were!  So far though, I think that is what we will continue to do.

Are there any other Christmas Birthdays out there?  How did you celebrate it?  My original idea was to just move Christmas all together, but something tells me the rest of the world would have a problem with that.

Take me to Never Land

16 Dec

“You know that place between sleep and awake, the place where you can still remember dreaming? That’s where I’ll always love you. That’s where I’ll be waiting.”

J.M. Barrie

Somewhere between a breath and a blink my precious baby turned into a little boy.  He went from my arms to his own two feet, from diapers to underwear, and from his crib to the great, wide world of school.  His face thinned out, his teeth fell out and his baby voice quietly faded away.  As I look back on the pictures of his years before 8 I am left with the bitter realization  ‘it really does go fast.’

As I watch him in his 8 year old state and I see his interests change, and his friendships grow I can’t help but remember the way things used to be.  How he would play with my hair while I would get ready in the morning.  How he would climb into our bed at night just to be near us.  How he would reach for my hand when we crossed the street.  How he would fly around the living room wearing his Superman costume.  And how adamant he was on “marrying me” when he grew older.  He was my Superman and I was his Louis Lane.

Now he is 8, and I can’t help but feel as if we are in the middle of his childhood and the end is all too near.  He is old enough now to hold a real conversation and questions every answer we give him, yet he is still young enough to enjoy my hugs and a good book before bed.  He is old enough to tell a good a joke and keep a secret, yet he is young enough to believe in magic and Santa and all that is wonderful.  And he still insists on living with me forever.

I know as the days turn into months and soon years and we rush through our lives with our ‘to-do’ lists and expectations my little boy will grow into a young man.  The day will come where he will have a cell phone and prefer his friends to family.  He will disconnect from his home and connect with the world.  He will find a new girl to share his love with.  And one day he will come to me and my kiss will not fix his broken heart.  His eyes will roll at the sound of my voice and he will no longer want to “marry me.”

He will have Grown Up.

But tonight, while the rest of the world sleeps I will fly him off to Never Land.  We will travel to the second star to the right and leave this busy world behind.  We will fly and dance and think nothing of the life we are missing.  We will have an Adventure and he will never grow up, if only for a night.

What a bitter/sweet thing parenthood is.

“Young boys should never be sent to bed. They always wake up a day older, and then before you know it, they’re grown.”

J.M. Barrie