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1 Feb

My litle Science Experiments.

Sometimes I can’t believe I actually MADE people…living, breathing people!

And it really wasn’t that hard.  Yes, there was the pain and the endurance my body underwent to grow the little beings, but seriously…I put more brain power into my fourth grade science experiment.  And now, here they are; talking and thinking and creating all on their own.  And I did that.  Sure I had help, but let’s not get into the whole chicken or the egg argument because the point is… I created life! 

OK, we…we created life.

That’s it…just wanted to stop and observe my greatest achievements EVER!


Boys RULE! (Literally)

18 Jan



“Snakes, snails and puppy dog tails

That’s what little boys are made of…”




Let’s add worms, frogs, mud, spiders, scabs, boogers, swords, fire, and any other dangerous or gross object out there.

Testosterone swirls through my house like a hormone induced tornado.  There’s wrestling and punching, sword fights and Nerf wars.  We have more bug catchers than I can count and they house a varied number of species on any given day.

My toilet seats never down and my hair is always up.

I’ve considered replacing our couch with a full sized trampoline since that’s what they use it for anyway. We camp, hike, skateboard, play soccer and anything else that will tire them out.  They know the Rocky Theme song by heart and can somehow always manage to fit the word “poop” into any sentence.

I don’t go anywhere without hand sanitizer and band aids, and I’ve considered just leaving their bike helmets on permanently.

Who knew a tissue could be turned into a weapon?

Yes, there is never a dull moment when raising boys, but my absolute favorite task is the laundry.  After spraying the grass stains, dirt stains, blood stains, and snot stains, I finally check the pockets.  I have rescued many things from the old wash cycle:  Marbles, flowers, leaves, sand, tiny toys, jewelry, I found a battery once, but I think the worst treasure I will forever remember pulling out of my son’s pocket would have to be…

A worm.

Can anyone relate?

The Difference between Boys and Girls…

10 Jan

Twice a week I watch my 2 year old niece.  She is about the same age as my youngest son.  They do everything together!  If he runs, she runs.  If she laughs, he laughs.  If one of them has to go potty, the other one has to go potty.  But even though they are the same age and they do the same activities side by side, their differences are always apparent.

One day, while playing outside, I tossed the football to my son.  He loves playing football and catches it most of the time; quite impressive for a 2 year old.  And once my niece picked up on the fun we were having, she insisted on playing too.  So, after throwing the ball successfully to my son, I turned to throw it to her.  With her arms outreached and her eyes closed tight, the ball bounced off her elbow and landed on the ground next to her.  She quickly retrieved the ball, stood back in place and held it securely in her arms.

And then she did something only a little girl would do.

She rocked her arms back and forth and said “Sshhh…the football is sleeping.”