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The BEST Christmas gift…ever!

23 Dec

With Christmas just around the corner, literally, the stores are filled with last minute shoppers.  This year why not get the kids in your life the gift “that keeps on giving the whole year?”  A gift that doesn’t require batteries, won’t be outdated in six months and will never wind up in the land of forgotten toys.  What am I talking about?

Why, a Book of course!

Now, it’s no secret that I love books.  To me, the smell of a new book is right up there with the scent of a newborn baby, the ‘new car’ smell and the fresh ocean breeze.  A good picture book can capture the wonder of your childhood between its pages, becoming a sort of time machine back to when you were young.  Because let’s face it, as adults…we change.  We see less, we laugh less and we think we know everything.  We lose our sense of wonder.  But between those pages of our past we can go back to a time where each day was new and everything was possible.

So, I have compiled a list of my favorite little time machines.  I’ll spare you the classics like “Goodnight Moon” and “Dr. Seuss” and focus on the gems I’ve stumbled upon through my journey with my boys and the lesser known ones I remember from my past:

 The Water Hole by Graeme Base – Follow the animal kingdom as they drink from the waterhole until the   very last drop.  Each page is full of hidden creatures for little readers to find in the most breathtaking illustrations you’ll ever see.  The bonus of this book is the hidden meaning of how connected we really are to one another.

 One by Kathryn Otoshi– Every once in a while a book comes along and steals your breath away.  This book does just that.  Its drawings are simple, as is the story, yet there is something there that opens your mind to something greater.


 When I was a Boy I Dreamed by Justin Matott– A young boy describes all the wonderful things he wanted to be when he grew up.  From a great explorer to a dragon slayer, the illustrations by Mark Ludy include a mouse to find on every page.  Also check out When I was Girl I Dreamed.



 Where’s the Dragon? By Jason Hook– A grandfather goes on a dragon hunting quest with his grandson.  See what they don’t see in this dragon filled book.  Beautifully illustrated and creative story.



 Have you Filled a Bucket Today? By Carol McCloud– All about happiness and others, this book explains how easy it is to bring someone up as well as tear someone down.  A must have for all humans in my opinion.  I love this one so much, I developed a project at home for my boys based around it.

I Love you Stinky Face by Lisa McCourt– A story about how unconditional a mother’s love is.  Funny text and illustrations, this one keeps little ones interests the whole way through.


 The North Star by Peter H. Reynolds– The perfect gift for any graduate, this book tackles the difficult journey of life through simple text and illustrations.  I love this story for its subtle way of guiding the reader on their own path.


Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein– I couldn’t go without mentioning the book of poems that trapped my laughter within it’s pages.  Shel Silverstein has that magical way of remembering the thoughts of children and drawing them out in silly images and poems to match.  My favorite was The Crocodile Dentist, though my brothers favorite was Sister for Sale!

There are of course hundreds more I could go on about, but I’ll leave you to discover those on your own.  I hope you find the magic on the pages as I did with my boys.  Happy Reading!  Merry Christmas!  And may your childhood always be just a page turn away!

Let me know any of your favorite childhood books so I can share them with my kids.