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Oh the Places we Go…Glowing Greens

9 Mar

Destination:  Glowing Greens

Family Friendly: Yes

Cost:  Reasonable; $8.00 adult, $7.00 youth, 3 and under FREE

Is it worth it: DEFINITELY!

If you go: check website for directions, hours and any specials they may have

I love living in the Pacific Northwest!  An hour away from the ocean, an hour away from the Mountain and just a quick drive over the river to Portland, it seems Vancouver is the perfect place to live.  Granted, I don’t love the rain, but then again, who does?  Living so close to a big city has its advantages.  We get to enjoy the sights of the spray painted “human statue” collecting his hard earned money.  We get to listen to the soundtrack of the streets played by the very talented “bucket drummer.”  We get to witness humans in their natural habitat, humbled by the homeless dogs and their humans.  But perhaps the best part about living just outside of the city is we get to enjoy the weirdness of Portland without having to go completely native.

One of my favorite things about Portland is the little treasures one can find by just walking the streets.  One day, while doing just that our family stumbled across a curious Pirate statue standing in front of a store.  Now, I don’t have to tell any mother of boys that a mysterious Pirate statue is like the mother ship calling them home, so naturally we had to investigate further.  What we found was the most interesting Miniature Golf place I have ever seen.

Down winding stairs, beneath the city street is Glowing Greens.  A mini golf course themed in only the best theme imaginable, Pirates!  18 holes, each with their own set up of sharks and treasure, pirates and skeletons, and all painted in neon paint glowing brightly beneath strategically placed black lights.  Why drive your ball into a boring old windmill when you can shoot it beneath the jaws of a Great White Shark?  We quickly paid the reasonable prices and were handed our (yes) glow in the dark golf balls. 

Our first hole required our balls to pass under a ferocious crocodile, all while an animatronics’ pirate mocked us from his perch high above.  The boys were bursting with excitement, so distracted by the atmosphere of the place, that they quickly forgot we were even playing a game.  My favorite hole was #5, where our ball had to disappear beneath a realistic looking great white shark.  I won’t give it all away, as discovering it for yourself is part of the fun.  I will, however, warn you about hole #16, where a very real sounding monster pounds on the gates behind the hole.  Tristan had a hard time with that one.  No detail is out of place, from the reggae music in the background to the 3-D images popping out all over the walls; this is our new favorite place to golf. 


Tips if you go: 

  • Don’t bring a purse.  You are golfing and there is no place to set it down permanently.  Instead bring a back pack with your valuables in it and wear it comfortably on your back as you play. 
  • Don’t go if your kids are easily scared.  It’s not terribly scary but there is hole #16, and some weenies may not be able to handle it.
  • Go during the day.  Something tells me it’s a hot spot for dates and teenagers at night.

The boys dream come true




So, RRRRRRR you ready to go yet? (Come on, you didn’t think I could write about pirates without saying “RRRR” did you)?  If you have kids, boys especially then Glowing Greens is the place to go on a rainy day.  It’s active, exciting and they won’t easily forget it.  Sorry girls, no Jack Sparrow at this Pirate set.  


Oh, the Places we Go…Sky High Sports

18 Nov

Destination:  Sky High Sports

Family Friendly: Yes

Cost:  Spendy, $10.00 per hour, per person

Is it worth it: Yes

If you go: check website for directions, hours and any specials they may have

As Mother Nature goes into her annual PMS cycle in preparation for her looooooong Winter Period, we are already seeing signs of the unpredictably cold and rainy weather headed our way.  Many of you may go into hibernation mode, breaking out the sweat pants, blanket and cozying up with a good book.  You may be prepared to say goodbye to the sun and with it, physical activity.  And don’t get me wrong, I love lazy winter days just as much as the next Mom, but in our house, my hibernation mode lasts all of five minutes; and for good reason, or rather two very loud reasons.  Growing two young boys in the Pacific Northwest can be challenging.  Just because the sun goes away, doesn’t mean their energy level does.  On a rainy day in my house they usually have cabin fever by 10:00 am and are bouncing off the walls of my sanity.  Thankfully, I found a place where they can literally bounce off the walls. 

Seriously, it’s required.

Just a quick thirty minute drive South to Tigard, in the heart of Portland is a place where young and old alike can bounce off some energy.  Yes, I’m talking about Sky High Sports.  Our family visited the trampoline hot spot on a very blustery day last spring.  When we first arrived, we were greeted by the usual gymnasium smell, you know the one, a musty cocktail of old socks and sweat.  But the size and cleanliness of the space more than compensated for the scent.  After purchasing our wristbands, which are good for an hour of what Tigger would refer to as “Heaven,” we were off to the first of four sections. 

We chose the family trampolines, where most families with little ones could jump together, throw Nerf balls, and feel secure that the big kids weren’t going to flatten our babies.  Then, it was off to the “Pit;” a long trampoline leading to a seemingly bottomless pit of foam.  After a few dives into that, we headed towards the dreaded Dodge Ball Zone (dum dum dum).  The line was long and the faces on the “field” looked less like easy going tramp. hoppers and more like warriors from the epic movie Braveheart.  By the time Kaiden got out on the battle field, one quick ball to the face confirmed that Dodge Ball should be left to the nerds over twelve.

We never made it to the Free Jump station, it was basically the same as the Family Trampolines except less rules and more “Big Kids.”  All in all, the kids had a blast!  Nate found his inner “boy” and discovered how far he could launch himself off the slanted walls of the trampoline.  And me?  I remembered how much fun it can be to just kick off your shoes and go wild, even if it’s only for an hour.

So, if my words persuaded you at all and you’re planning on making Sky High Sports your next destination, here are a few tips: 

#1.  Wear gym clothes, after all, it’s kind of a gym. 

#2.  Wear socks.  Not only are they required to jump, but you get to bring your own sock smell to the mix.

#3.  Check their web site.  They have some weird hours and they sometimes have specials going on. 

And the most important tip!!!

#4.  Ladies, go pee BEFORE jumping.  This tip is crucial for any woman who has had any sort of offspring or is simply over the age of thirty.  Seriously girls, a full bladder to a trampoline is the alcohol to pregnancy, they simply DO NOT MIX.

So, if you’re looking for a place that really is fun for the whole family, try Sky High Sports.  You’ll thank me that night when your little ones are passed out in their beds and you can finally go into hibernation mode.