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Don’t “F” with Nap time!

1 Feb




My 2 year old, Tristan turned 3 about a month ago.  And as if he knows it, he has already begun implementing changes to show me just how fast he is growing up.  He is not only potty trained but now insists on going to the potty by himself, without me anywhere near the room!  He tries to get his own lunch and assists me with the dishes.  He loves to take control of the laundry and now he brings his own shopping cart to the grocery store so he can follow me around and shop for himself.  I am convinced he is prepping himself for when he moves out next year at the ripe old age of 4.

However, there is one thing he is trying to change that I simply cannot allow.

He is trying to phase out his NAP TIME!

Now, if there is one thing you don’t mess with when it comes to a stay at home mom, it’s Nap Time.  That is the precious hour or so during the day when I get to catch up on my much needed “me” time.  During that time I can actually sit down when I eat, I can get on the computer, go to the bathroom alone, talk on the phone, paint my nails or just do absolutely nothing at all.  It is the only time I can put together this wonderful blog for your reading pleasure.

Nap Time is my one moment to catch up on my sanity and I am not ready to give it up!

Kaiden, my 8 year old was 2 ½ when he phased out the naps.  It was a sad day indeed.  So now that Tristan is attempting this tragic next step in growing up I am not going down without a fight.  I will wake him up at 5:00 am if I need to.  I will run him and play with him until he literally passes out from exhaustion.  I will do whatever it takes to drag this nap thing out for as long as possible.


I truly believe every time a child stops taking naps a fairy falls down dead somewhere…



9 Nov

My favorite time of day is eleven o’clock at night.  Not just because the kids are asleep and I am finally “off duty,” but because I can sneak into my boy’s rooms and simply watch them sleep.  I can stand there as long as I want without the demand of dishes or dinner or an interrupting phone call.

I can just be in that moment.

I can hear the slow rhythm of their breath.  I can see the baby I once held in their sleeping faces.  I can watch their resting eyes flutter about as their mind takes them to faraway places.  I can stroke their hair and kiss their forehead and remember rocking them to sleep when they first came to this world.

And when one of them stirs in the slightest and their eyes faintly open …I run like hell out of their room as fast as I can.

I’m off duty remember…