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Every Mom Poops

20 Nov

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Some women are just born mothers.  They keep a perfect house.  They have happy, well adjusted children.  They take care of their bodies, their husbands, cook everything from scratch, and have a current scrapbook for each of their kids.  They volunteer for the PTA, field trips, soccer coaching and everything else in between.  They do their hair and make-up everyday and don the perfect smile from ear to ear.  And did I mention they also have a successful career.  They have it all and they make it look easy.

And then, there are the rest of us.

The ponytail wearing, tired looking, not enough hours in the day Mom’s.  The ones who struggle to get the dishes and laundry done all in the same day.  The Mom’s who are at least 5 minutes late to everything and consider a trip to the grocery store an excuse to get dressed up.

It’s hard enough being a Mom without those mythical “perfect Mom’s” out there making us feel worse about ourselves.  Of course there are always those “bad Mom’s” out there making us feel better about ourselves (SuperNanny, anyone).  But in reality we are all on the same team.  We are all facing the same struggles.  Some of us just hide it better than others.  Just look at all the parenting Blogs out there.

So, to remind Mothers that we all put our sweats on one leg at a time, I wrote a little poem.  It is a play off the popular children’s book “Everyone Poops.”  Enjoy.

Every Mom loves

Every Mom laughs

Every Mom works hard

Every Mom cries

Every Mom struggles

Every Mom wants the best for her children

Every Mom loses herself

Every Mom doubts

Every Mom does her best

Every Mom wants to be accepted

Every Mom sneaks a cookie before dinner after she told her child “no” when he wanted a cookie before dinner…No?  OK, maybe that’s just me.

Just the same,

Every Mom eats


Every Mom Poops

What do you struggle with most as a Mom?